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The Video Marketing Trifecta

At Pennant, we excel at creating the three most effective video content types that help propel business development: Anthems, Explainers and Endorsements. We call this the Video Marketing Trifecta. These comprise a showcase of a brand's whywhat and how, and who and where, respectively.

Your Flagship Asset

Differentiate your brand from rivals and highlight the Why of your business.

Brand Identity

Emotional Connection
Website Engagement

Show Off What You Solve

Demonstrate your solution’s functions, benefits and value propositions.

Product Understanding
Conversion Rate
Time Efficiency

The Confidence to Choose You

Real customers validate your offerings, giving prospects the confidence to choose you.

Social Proof

Trust Building

Differentiate, Demonstrate,


By investing in videos focused on these three actions, your team can concentrate their sales and marketing efforts on what matters most to the business: converting and driving revenue.

To encapsulate the essence of their innovative cloud-based file services–and their “why”– Nasuni partnered with Pennant to craft this Anthem video. 


But more than just a cool showcase of what Nasuni does, this is their rallying cry. A nudge for businesses to grab the reins and really own their future. With Nasuni, they're not just playing with data; they're building dreams and making big things happen. And hey, that's the story we're stoked to tell.

Client: Nasuni
Challenge: Rebrand
Solution: Anthem

Revolution Cooking, known for its innovative high-speed smart toasters, has a knack for mixing cool tech with kitchen staples, making cooking way more efficient and fun.


So, when they were almost done cooking up their latest brainchild, The Macrowave, they hit us up at Pennant. Our mission? Whip up an Explainer video that shows off The Macrowave as the next big thing in kitchens. This isn't just any appliance – it's a game-changer that makes cooking a breeze.

Client: Revolution Cooking
Challenge: Product Release
Solution: Explainer

For our client Extreme Networks, stepping up to the plate means more than just hitting dingers. Which is why we're proud to showcase their success story at Polar Park, in our latest Endorsement video.


From seamless ticketing to high-speed Wi-Fi, Extreme Networks is knocking it out of the park in revolutionizing the WooSox fan experience. Discover how Extreme’s innovative network solutions contributed to the Worcester Red Sox being voted the best minor league team by Baseball Digest.

Client: Extreme Networks
Challenge: Industry Expertise
Solution: Endorsement
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