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Video Dominates and Drives Business

The #1 Medium for Marketers

Video is the most popular and effective media format for marketing strategies. By increasing engagement and emotional connection with potential customers, video marketing prioritizes your chances of conversion and ultimately, sales.

The Power of Video

With a rising demand for video content as a key communication tool, brands are leveraging diverse video formats to address various stages of the buyer's journey. To equip your team with the tools they need to grow your business, you need content that connects with your prospects and enables them to make a decision.

The Power of Pennant

Pennant makes videos that empower those choices. And to move the needle for your business, we’ve developed a three-pronged approach to galvanize your mid-funnel strategy and champion your brand in a competitive marketplace.

The Video Marketing Trifecta

At Pennant, we excel at creating the three most effective video content types that help propel business development: Anthems, Explainers and Endorsements. These comprise a showcase of a brand's whywhat and how, and who and where, respectively.

Mid-Funnel Focus

From generating interest to driving action, Pennant videos energize your mid-funnel for improved conversions. We help sales and marketing teams prioritize the power of video to boost brand engagement, rack up qualified leads, and outplay your rivals with Pennant.

Creative Team Work 

From creative direction to optimized delivery, we champion a project on behalf of our client partners. Because we exclusively focus on the Trifecta of marketing videos, our process is tight and our customer experience is second to none.

Celebrating Successes

Now, creative industry awards are not the be all end all of the work we do. But the Telly Awards actually mean something to us. They’re a testament to the hard work that our team does on behalf of our clients and an opportunity to express our appreciation to those individuals.

From B2B power plays to D2C home runs, these awards cover a whole field of industries and disciplines. They shine a spotlight on our commitment to not just play the game but change how it's played, proving that when it comes to creative challenges, we're always ready to step up to the plate.

Let's Raise the Banner of Success

Built with the best elements of a strategic agency, video production house and motion design studio, Pennant is your middle-funnel focused, video-first marketing agency.

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